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RedBrick Health


Important: This app only works with an existing RedBrick Health account and activation code from your employer, health insurer or healthcare provider.RedBrick Health helps you form healthier habits and make smarter healthcare decisions. The RedBrick App gives you a fast and easy way to track your daily activities, make progress on your health improvement journey, and earn all the rewards of better health. 
Download now to take RedBrick Health with you on the go. No more remembering to log in at home or work to get credit for your healthy activity. Motivation and tracking will always be at your fingertips. The app includes both RedBrick Track and Journeys. 
What do I need to get started?- An existing RedBrick Health account that you’ve activated online- An activation code for the RedBrick app, displayed on the home page of your online account
About RedBrick Track- A fast and easy way to track daily activity- Track your activity quickly and easily, by day or by week
About RedBrick Journeys- A quick, fun way to form a new habits- Chart your own course with creative ideas and inspiration. It’s your Journey - In just a minute or two you can start, or continue, a Journey anytime, anywhere